Julia started playing the keyboard at age 5, began piano lessons at the age of 8 and by the time she was eleven she was training her voice, as well as experimenting with other musical instruments including learning to play the acoustic guitar.

Song writing came naturally to Julia and by the age of 15 she’d poured her teenage angst into an impressive repertoire of musical pieces. Many of Julia’s songs were inspired by her favourite composers Beethoven and Chopin. By the time she was 18, discoveries of Motown, dance music, pop and trip hop meant that not only did her style of writing change but that she decided against a career in opera and classical music, in favour of persuing her songwriting and was fortunate enough to meet producer and keyboard player, Mike Corrigan.

Mike and Julia struck up a 4 year writing & production partnership, culminating in their club circuit duo, ‘Prophecy’ and the album ‘This Kingdom’.

Julia signed a contract with a London based Management Company, where she co-wrote with various songwriters including Jesper Mattsson (BMG), Mark Rankin, (Gunn) & Bob Weston (Fleetwood Mac). During these two years, Julia also worked with other professionals, including AT2, the producers behind the No.1 hit ‘Moving Too Fast’. In Italy, Julia recorded the album ‘Falling’.

With Julia's love of classical, trip hop and rock music she formed 'Adhora' 3 years ago after playing in various bands. Having started out as a rock outfit, she decided to re form and get away from their traditional rock elements and go back to her roots. Julia now has a wonderful band of session musicians who have a powerful atmospheric sound, which totally conveys the eclectic message, which is put across in her music and lyrics.

As well as the singing/songwriting, Julia is a vocal coach/singing teacher and teaches the piano.  Julia teaches privately and in Schools around Brighton & Hove.